There are two key elements in our e-commerce strategy:-
1. Ensuring our ability to deliver effective and efficient e-commerce solutions.
2. Ensuring our ability to integrate with our clients’ own e-commerce systems:

The G-NET system is designed to:-

  • Reduce processing time
  • Speed up information flow and improve accuracy of information
  • Reduce the resources required by our clients to manage transactions
  • Provide real-time management information through standard and bespoke reporting
  • Maintain and improve brand consistency for our clients

G-NET offers our key clients:

A complete e-commerce solution incorporating:-

  • Stock management
  • On-line reporting by product, by site, by spend, including bespoke reports
  • On-line pricing for bespoke products
  • On-line ordering tied in with on-line proofing generated from stored digital files
  • Secure access to required areas of the system. Full system security with authorisation levels, as well as full 128-bit encryption. Click here to learn more about security

The G-NET system is available to all our clients, but can be tailored to fit the needs of individual companies if required. A demonstration system can be developed prior to any proposed contract for testing.

Integrating with our clients’ systems:

We recognise the importance of being able to adapt to our clients’ own systems. Envelopes are only one of many components within the transactional and direct mail process and we recognise the need to integrate with systems supporting the complete supply chain.