gne and the Environment

gne’s policy is to prevent pollution and to minimise any negative environmental impact from the pursuit of our business interests, whilst continuing to produce high quality products which meet our customers' needs.

gne recognises that all activities have some environmental impact and this needs to be measured in a comprehensive and systematic manner. gne has a management focus which assesses significant impacts, sets targets and records progress.

To this end the benefits of our products must be weighed against any environmental impact as a result of their manufacture, sale and ultimate disposal.

Environmental impact is therefore considered throughout the company in relation to:-

  • The design and development of new products and processes
  • Internal production methods, with particular emphasis on...
    • reducing material wastage
    • reducing energy usage
    • minimising and controlling hazardous substances
    • controlling emissions whether air, drainage or land fill
    • reducing resources used for packaging raw materials and finished goods

    It is gne’s policy to comply with all statutory environmental requirements and to foster an informed and open approach to environmental concerns.

    The involvement of our employees, customers, suppliers, local communities and authorities is encouraged to assist us in the achieving our environmental objectives.

    Warren Shermer - Managing Director (February 2015)

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