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What is the minimum number of envelopes I can buy?

The minimum quantity you can order is 250 envelopes and the minimum value of an order is £100.

What sizes are available?

We manufacture envelopes from as small as 89mm x 152mm through the range to C4 envelopes (229mm x 324mm) and even larger than C4. We can also overprint any stock envelope available off the shelf from any source.

How many colours can I have?

We can print envelopes in up to 5 colours in one pass

What is artwork?

Artwork is the general term used to represent the design you want printed on your envelopes.

In what format do I submit my artwork?

Mainly Quark V.6 or illustrator CS2. Other formats possible on request. For further detailed requirements please contact us

What weight of material is usually used in envelope manufacture?

We can manufacture envelopes with various paper grammages varying between 80gsm and 150gsm. We can also produce envelopes from a variety of paper grades, including recycled.

Can I print right to the edges of an envelope?

Yes, all envelopes can be printed to all edges. All-over coverage is possible.

What are the limitations?

There are very few limitations in manufacturing an envelope. However, manufacture and Royal Mail limitations do exist.

For example, windows should never be closer than 15mm from the edge of an envelope. There are also Royal Mail limitations as to what can be printed where.

For full details see the Royal Mail Website.

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